Daniel and Hilary are both Board-Approved supervisors and provide supervision in the areas of sexuality and sexual function to psychologists and those in helping professions.

Both Daniel and Hilary enjoy assisting professionals feel comfortable integrating sexual therapy principles into their practice, broaden their therapeutic skills regarding sexual function and deepen their understanding about sexuality and sexual-related issues.

Daniel and Hilary have capacity to provide supervision for provisional psychologists completing the 4+1 or 5+2 pathway as well as, those completing their Clinical Registrar program.


One-off or monthly professional supervision 50-min session - $250 inc GST

Ongoing professional supervision (weekly or fortnightly) 50 - min session - $200 inc GST

Fees for group supervision sessions are arranged on a case-by-case basis depending on the group size and frequency of supervision sessions.

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Pleasure, Sensual & Sexual Smorgasbord

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Sexual Desire & Arousal

We live such busy lives nowadays having to juggle work, family, studies, volunteering, managing the household, etc. it is understandable that sexual desire may not come on as spontaneously as it once did when we had less responsibilities to attend to. Media and pop culture can sometimes lead us to believe that desire and arousal ‘should’ just come on and in fact, come on as frequently as it used to and preferably our partner should be wanting and aroused as well!

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