Meet the Team

Dr Hilary Lindberg
Director & Clinical Psychologist & Sexologist
Dr Daniel Brown
Director & Clinical Psychologist
Amie Wilde
Registered Psychologist
Nick Campbell
Registered Psychologist
Rachelle Abraham
Registered Counsellor
Caitlin Proctor
Registered Psychologist & Sexologist
Emma Schmidt
Clinical Psychology Registrar & Sexologist
Niamh Sullivan
Registered Counsellor
Dr Kirstie Daken
Clinical Psychologist

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Let's talk about Sexual Pain or Vaginismus!

I have that experience when sex is painful, I just can never pronounce the name of it. Oh, you mean vag-in-is-mus? Vaginismus!

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Pleasure, Sensual & Sexual Smorgasbord

A free downloadable resource to help you build your own sexual smorgasbord! How tantalising!

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Sexual Desire & Arousal

We live such busy lives nowadays having to juggle work, family, studies, volunteering, managing the household, etc. it is understandable that sexual desire may not come on as spontaneously as it once did when we had less responsibilities to attend to. Media and pop culture can sometimes lead us to believe that desire and arousal ‘should’ just come on and in fact, come on as frequently as it used to and preferably our partner should be wanting and aroused as well!

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